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We have no choice
The cauldron must be brought
To Caer Dallben before disaster is wrought

Arawn must not find us or all will be lost
Marching all in silence and quiet at all cost

Across the river, there's no other way
Across the river we must go today

Too few in number and too weak in blood
Crochan is draining us of all the strength we've got

Taran, Eilonwy, Gurgi & Flewddur:
Over fields and plains in sorrow
Lost in misery, our hearts lost to the black
Can there be any hope for another tomorrow
At the river there's no turning back

What a surprise, I believed you were dead
And I'd prefer it - to Morva I head

We're on our way back
And the cauldron we earned

Don't steal the glory that I so deserve

The cauldron's stuck, we must take it from the flood
Ellidyr help us with all the strength you've got

No time to waste, our task must be fulfilled
A day's delay and we all will be killed

You'll have my help but first you must agree
To my demands, else it will never be
The cauldron's mine and everyone will know
That I did find it and took it from below

Ellidyr you must be mad
Your pride confused your mind

Make your choice
And see what other option you may find
All my life in second rank, now a hero of the land

There's no choice but to accept
We are at your command

Taran, Eilonwy, Gurgi & Flewddur:
To the camp of great King Morgant
Greatest warlord of Don, second to Gwydion
In his hands the black cauldron
In the camp of great King Morgant
Dreaming of Prydain's crown
Our hands and feet bound
He's a traitor of Don, defying even Arawn
In his hands the black cauldron

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