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Can you tell me what life holds for me
Will I be a man one day
All my young life I've been true in dreams
Never ventured far away
Will I stand one day by Gwydion's side
When the Horned King roams the land
Drawing swords and earn myself a name
With a sword not scythe in hand

Beware the Horned King, danger draws near
You're not the one to march and fight
As all the creatures they flee in fear
The oracle pig must be questioned tonight

Taran & Dallben:
A motherless child, heart of the wild

Assistant pig-keeper is what I must be

Taran & Dallben:
Raised without a past
What future will last

Protector of those who will see

Taran & Dallben:
A motherless son, the chosen one

When worlds shake with battle
I'll not spare the sword

Taran & Dallben:
Raised without a home
The future's unknown

Stay home and guard wisdom's hoard

Hen Wen, wisest pig there ever was
Deep into the forest ran
Unknown is the evil prophecy
And I'm after her again
Never could I find her in these woods
Warriors of the dark appear
And as fright does grip my heart with ice
The Horned King is drawing near

Guard well the white pig, care for her well
And one day you may have a kingdom for care
The book of wisdom has cast its spell
Its power is what you must beware

Who is this boy running blind through the forest
Speak to me and tell me all you can know
Evil has risen, war's waged by Arawn
Without a sound we must go

Gwythaints in the air, spies of the dark lord
Before nightfall he will know where we are
The undead warriors, born of the cauldron
Purest evil in heart
Killing machines from the start

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