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Cast in this tent, our hands are tied
Morgant deceived us, to Gwydion he lied
Blinded by a thirst for power

Evil warlord planned to seize black cauldron
Creating invincible cauldron born
This is Prydian's final hour

So we are met again, what a fool I was
Paying for my thirst for glory with the cauldron's loss
But I did not steal it Gwydion to deceive
This at least you must believe

The fair folk are coming, untying our hands
Nothing's unknown to them throughout the lands
Invisible and swift

I hear the warriors of Gwydion
Approaching and facing the treacherous one
Far too long he has lived

As fate did unto me I did unto you
Yet there's a final thing that I can do
Run to black Crochan and jump inside
My death sets an end to my pride

Taran, Eilonwy, Gurgi & Flewddur:
And so another battle's ended
And the cauldron undone
Morgant's men slain or taken prisoners
Slain the treacherous one

Brave was your quest, Prydain is free
For the price paid honoured you'll be
Morgant and Ellidyr for what they've done
We'll raise a barrow to the fallen ones

After my quest for glory this is what I've got
A field is better plowed than drenched in blood
Too long I've been away, my heart pulls home
The boy it knew a man has grown

So farewell my friends, until we meet again
Now you've come this far
Find Prydain in your hearts

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