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Change For Me - text

You always said that going out was something you can live without
You ought to know I can't believe you never would stay home with me
and people told me what they'd see...exactly what you'd do to me
they'd tell me all the things you'd do ..but still it didn't seem like you
You said it meant nothing... and that you're only mine
I saw this one coming ... but I closed my eyes
Would you change for me
As I close my eyes
All alone I see
Why did you change sides
Oh oh oh oh
oh oh oh oh
oh oh oh oh
Why did you change sides
And now it seems you're all alone
Kicked you out of house and home
I can't believe it came to this
Girl you don't know what you missed
I cared for you every day
Every single little way
You spit it back in my face
Then you did it in our place
I caught you in mid lick
With nowhere to hide
So why are you denyin
What I saw with my own eyes

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