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The Ballad Of The Broken Bones - text

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Tell me who was it told you 'bout the broken bones
The broken bones in the sky
'Cause I've been all over the whole goddamn world
And over the world am I
Now the moon it ain't nothing but an old rotten bone
Hung from the ceiling so high
It reminds kids to grow and reminds them to dream
But over the world am I
So my friends if you're worried
Don't worry about me
The grasses are green here
The winters are mild
And the hunger is passing
It's just a sensation
And over the world am I
Up in the city it's panic and toil
In every fiber and vein
All dressed up like kings in their robes of desire
The poets are going insane
But I've been to the ocean her salts they do heal
And washed me anew in her tides
And now I ride easy down her cool wide waves
And over the world am I

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