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Awake again - text


I'm awake again,
Cause hurting is better than sleeping in,
And I would've much rather felt your skin,
then die alone my solitary baby,

But the fire's here,
and we both know deep down you're sweet my dear, but sadly my words didn't find your ear,

But I really shouldn't give a damn,
And you carry my words on your back,
and we find in each other all that we lack,

But you called today,
asking me straight am I on my way?
to tinsel town glory or alley ways?
And that's when i hung up the phone,

And you feel nothing,
Say Something,
Don't be my lost paramour

Because all of this fighting
it feels just like dying,
You know that you're breaking my heart,
But Maybe just one day by skin of our teeth we will find ourselves back at the start.

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