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Their faces are pale, white like clouds
Don't you perceive my doubts
Burning on my skin, burning hot stones
Like the invisible disease
It'll even reach your home
With a cross in your hands
You pray ceremonial
(for all your lost friends) ceremonial
In the hall of defense you lay on the floor
In the hall of credence you’re looking to the door
Hey, man return to dust

Noxious secrets

I can see this man behind iron bars
His arm is tattooed with a small red star
He has the sceptre, the sceptre of universe
His body starts to smell like fresh wet earth
Hey, man you are guilty for your own death
And of all the other 100.000 innocents
Why did you nothing against the harmful waste
You made the secret of the noxious waste“

Noxious secrets

We can't feel it
We can't hear it
We can't see it
we can't smell it ...

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Video přidal DevilDan

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