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When the day arrives and the rays if spring
Help the glaciers die, the awakening
Every voice will rise to the sun and sky
And at last as one we'll decide
When the day arrives and the nation's spring
Helps the old ice die open eyes will see
Every voice arise to the sun and sky
And at last as one we'll defy
In the place where the wine turns to water
Where a shadow's always near
(Why are you afraid?)
The disgrace everytime when your savior
Sees the flame and starts to veer
(Why are you afraid?)
In the field of the silenced the no ones
Sow the seeds of discontent
(Why are you afraid?)
Growing voices together become one
Scythes will blunt if we don't bend
(We are not afraid!)
With the marrow of everyone you've known
Goebbel's visions glues our site
(Time to see the light)
To the rat race illusion we've been thrown
Stuck together sharing plight
(Time to show your might)
Drenched in lies of confusion and vodka
Something evil's spewing doubt
(Time to call them out)
It won't help if we just rock the boat now
Cause our time is running out
(time is running out)
When the sun rising up in the wasteland melts the ice on the TV
And the giant gets up off his knees then what was lifeless will be free
When the cold lumps of flesh finally stir and think once more and for themselves
When some voices wake up from their yearning then the rest will hear as well
Then the day arrives when the rays of spring
Make the old ice die, open eyes will see
As our voices rise, to the sun and sky
Cause at last, as one, we decide
(Yes we are the spring)
(We are not afraid)

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