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Shame now we
This is the moral
There is no we
Just I
Hearts of steel like walls
Built up
Split the sky
Shame that we chose obsolescence
We couldn't see what’s in our presence
Waiting for change patience expired
Hearts rearranged forged in the fire
We'd always dreamed passionately of family
But now it seems, unfortunately, we will not be
The home we made a place of harm
Not it's too late for an alarm
No turning back
Can’t halt the clock
It never ends
Poison is seeping through the skin
Of you and I
What people have when they begin
Devolves to spite
Pushing the blame just like a child
Every we as turned to I
This is the moral
Now's no we
Just I
Hearts of steel
Are walls
Built to split
The sky
We believed we were so clever
Eternity has turned to never
Two hearts that beat
Separate forever
Out cords at least
We cut together

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