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The engines are screaming
The red lights are warning the sky
The ground is now falling
Release the dragon that flies
Welcome to the flight tonight
We're in for some ride
Destination is black and white
Nowhere left you can hide
500 faces
1000 eyes
Look at the ticket
See what it buys
The storm is approaching
The dark clouds are choking the air
The tower is falling
The cold winds are calling beware
Hold on to your sanity
We are moving away
Believe in humanity
It's time we must pay
1000 cries
Crying for mercy
They harmonize
Think of what might have been
If the worlds collide
Think of what you have seen
Time will decide
We're going to light the sky
They all will feel us go
Don't even question why
No one will ever know
500 faces
1000 eyes
Feel the teardrops
They cut the ties
500 voices
1000 eyes
Crying for mercy
They harmonize

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