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And then he comes
From echoes of a stellar void away
There’s only one chance for me
To find my Avalon
So tell me why these cloudy skies keep secrets to be free
I have some keys for other skies
It opens all the doors for a mind’s surreal time
I’m lost in a twisted picture
Of an old and strange tomorrow’s dawn
I plunge into this vacuum hole
While my present is out
So I can touch the future
And my past dreams come now
I see the one who never comes
(The one who never comes)
He walks alone in never reign
(My old future home)
I look behind and see the wrongs
Of a never ending search for wisdom
Lost in a time beyond
And now I know the stairs to mind’s surreal time
So I can feel my soul lost
Into this vacuum lack of reasons
And I won’t get away from this place
Beyond my thoughts
But never tell me I can’t get away
I’m simply plunged into my old visions
Listen to me now – there’s a land in a secret time
However nowadays all these doors for transcendent mind
Are hidden in the void of a deep sea called oblivions
The way is the stars
The state of your mind keeps all that you want to be
In the deepest of thus sea there’s a time for you and me
So try to see beyond ancient void of yours own reality
And you will find your real Avalon
Repeat until end

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