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We Are The Archaeology Of The Futures Past - text

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Every time you hit a wall
Don't feel let down just stand up to tall
And not be afraid of your dreams
This is our own destiny
Can you reach new altitude?
We fought so hard we cannot lose
It's not that we're afraid to breathe
Listen to the heavens scream
Don't close your eyes and we will survive
Don't close your eyes
And we will never lose the will to go on
Don't close your eyes
Like sinners drawn into the flame
Street painter in the driving rain
Your vision is all your own
Youth is a path we've outgrown
And at the final curtain call
Face yourself this story's told
This is just who I am
Lungs in search of oxygen
In a silhouette of chaos
I forgot my name I lost my way
And now at the end of all things
This is what we're fighting for

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