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Cold divides spirit and mind on fate's train
We are fighting for life
Celebrate, you're strange and outcast
We are somebody's child
We are somebody's lost child
We cling to our passion
Embrace this catastrophe
It's everyone for herself
Explosions blind the moonlight
The anger of Vesuvius
It's everyone for herself
We were born in love with each other
This peril knows no order
So long as all the people of the earth
Don't stop believing that somewhere
All your dreams are coming true
With our without you
We stand on the cusp of impending disastrous
It's everyone for herself
This garden shrieks Eden
Gives apostles a new meaning know
It's everyone for themselves
We were born in love with each other
Black cloud of death fall to your knees
Don't you know that
There's an ocean in my heart
Fall asleep and we shall never be apart
Visions come and visions go on forever
Praise the God whichever takes your meaning

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I'm A UFO In This City


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