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The Voice of a Siren - text


Discoloured remains, scattered fragments
Furrowed by wrinkles is my old face
My heart is tired, my eyes are fading
Life is a siren, death is her voice

To love again, to feel desire
All too far from me

Taken in my passions, a storm surrounded me
I've lost the meaning, I've lost my way
My rules, their fashions, blinded eyes to see
What does remain of a man who’s never free?

Dying in my greyness day after day
No good, no evil in what I've done
Past is my present and this life is strife
I feel unable like a bladeless knife

In my delirium then I was drowning
Without realizing what happened to me
An icy shudder suddenly took my body
Something surprising in the window on the sea

From dark the light, the voice of an angel
Oh, my siren

Hearing her sweet song tears burned my face
She took me outside to a heavenly place
My heart again young, my mind reborn
Curing my ill soul that I have torn

Celestial melody, new life to me
Where were you hidden in the abyss of the sea?
Your home, the ocean, I can't believe
A kind of fairy who light can give

Come with me and I'll take you
far from this grey hell
to the eden of the sea
where blue peace you will find

Kissed her sweet mouth, a strange power ran through me
Unending pleasure, she took me in her aura
I left my old limbs obscuring my tired sight
I’m dying to live in her!

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