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The Opening on the Boundary - text


Life and insanity together ride
Good and evil spirits are at your side

Many hidden parts of the human mind
Are places where the light of reason dies

Beings of not well identified nature
are living here
Trees and flowers closer and closer
show a passage is near

An immense void
is resucking the souls
that utter a scream
Crossing ice lands
and walls of fire
they awake on a beam

Feel without seeing
And hear just with your heart
This is your last chance to
Come with me

Iee... Oohh... Ieieee...
Sunlight... where is sunlight?
The silence now is covering me well
The future is too high
The song of the cat, the drips in the well
Are signs of a sacred rite
No shield no sword had the knight
When stars master the night
On the pages of the tome of fate
Was written: here no delights

Go to the end of the trip
Pass through the boundary rip
Touch with your incredulous eyes
A world that will never die

Life and memory the same thing are
Good and evil: a thing seen by different eyes

I'm feeling without seeing
while going down...oh, oh, inside me
The light of reason dies
and reality takes life... oh, oh, inside me

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