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The Fifth Season - text


Every night is a good night
to have a nightmare or to be sleepless,
awake, surrounded by dread coming
from the past

Every day is a good time
to think of ways to go to nowhere,
the place for who likes a long journey
without return

Then will be seen no more naive angels
There will be no more concrete dangers

You, guilty of the worst crime
We condemn you to recall
your misdeeds
You, son of the past time
Look around with your filtering-eyes
and don't forget..... don't forget!

Rocky minds eroded
by feeble and peaceful waters
reduced to handless clock, a sandglass
stolen of its sand

Every day today kills
tomorrow and while the future shorten
the past becomes more and more
a certainty lost

Legends tell of gold ages never
lived but only felt
Time stopped when hate and pain
had the upper hand
Then new horizons were drawn
to let a new season begin

Then will be seen no more naive angels
There we'll feel no more like strangers

You, with a thorn in your side
You were trying to elude the control
of your mind
You, traveler in time
You'll soon notice you can’t escape
the fifth season!

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