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A Tale Never Told - text


The Omen

King Brab
I dreamed to be a raven that was flying on fields of dead men
Then a vision of my beloved wife
killed too young by a poisoned knife
Her words for me... ahh,
her warnings, her advice: I heard everything... ahh
The path to the fountain of youth now I see!

Hope (Instrumental)

Blessing a king

King Brab
One hundred fighters will escort myself
and my road will be safe till the forest of elf
The Wizard
I hear the whisper of the north wind gathering frost, cold and ice
No leaving is suitable when the voice of men's desire is talking
The Clerics
We bless you in the name of the holy order
May you have the strength to survive
King Brab
The city from fountain is very far away
and I'll not reach the life-temple in few days
The Wizard
From the pages of an old book I read of an ancient cursed lore:
An unwise young woman killed herself to save her beauty from the ageing
The Clerics
We bless you in the name of the holy order
May you have the strength to survive

The Gale of the Winter (Instrumental)

Voices of the forest

The Witch
Secrets of life and death,
not in the least are unknown to myself
because I've been living for years with the elf
Potions, filters and oils
I prepare with my hands to live again
when mother earth will decide I've to go to her
Blood of a dragon, wings of a bat, tails and hairs of a rat
ehh... What?
King troops
Many days of march, but till here we can get
The fate of our king Brab right here will begin
Brab’s thoughts
Now I hear the voices inside the mother forest
where the great mountain rises with her vital waters
The sound of waves bewitches me and nothing more I see
My little Ara is waiting to awake again
Brab’s chant
Please wait for me, I still have a desire: to breathe your breath in the air
But my mind is beginning to confuse all the thoughts,
my arm is not strong like time ago, my hairs are white
I've lived my life to see you again
Because you died just when i could touch you,
giving you myself, but the dream has gone!
I’ve never asked you anything, oh god I invoke your help
for me now, for me now, now, call me now
My wife's lips and caresses stopped too early, no sweetness
for me now, for me now, why?, for me, how?

The fountain of youth (Instrumental)

The waltz of eternity

Here lies the sky, space dies away, time rises again, life starts tonight
Brab thinking
I'm young again, I see the time, I'm going beyond it
Ballad of a dying
Goodbye world, see you, tomorrow is today
Future meet the past and the words are becoming useless
Goodbye world, you see my life this time is over
Her spirit meets me as I die!

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