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Follow your shadow down to the ocean
And get swept up by the sea
You are weeping
You are weeping
All that I’ve done to you
Was once done to me
Such a wicked, wicked roaming
Round in your memories
And all your words can try
Your words can try
But there are things that words can’t say
I watch you fall away
Fall away
As you cower under our graves
I swear I saw her in her golden armor
Float up around the house
Oh so glorious
Oh so glorious
She came down and put her song into my mouth
Her voice lights up the darkest staircase
I’m home when you’re around
And my song will try
My songs can try
But there are things that songs can’t say
So watch me fall away
Fall away
As I cower under your graves
Am I hopeless?
Am I hopeless? I trust you
But where are we walking to?

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