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The Struggle - text


You can't hold me down
I'm stronger than this
This never ending laziness

Nothing will slow me down
I'll run through these walls
You'll never stop this train
It's all about never giving up
Achieve your goals

And when i reach the point,
where my body collapse
I pick myself up on my feet,
and use the fuel of the mind
To keep moving

I am so close to see the harvest of my hard work
And what will I do,
when I have struck down all my barricades
Hard work makes a fighter,
but a fighter keeps on fighting

And when you think you're are there,
you knock it one more time
'Cause giving up is easy,
but it wont make you happy

Some days are easy,
some days are hard
But if you wan't to succeed,
then use the heart
Giving up is never an option
You got to push yourself

Do it for yourself,
and not for others
Do it with a smile or don't

You can’t hold me down
You can’t hold me down

Text přidala DeathWish

Video přidala DeathWish

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