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Say say to me, you are a good man
Can you explain to me what that means?
Do they really want to tell me
That you would never lie, betray, steal or
Seduce anyone?
If that is true, I admit
You are a good man
In this society I do not fit
For I am not like that
Hypocrisy is that they want
Can you bear seeing children cry
Cause they don't understand
Why they are going to die?
Why they are sufferring of hunger?
If you can bear that, I admit
You are a very good man
For I have a heart
And that is what they don't want
Can you undestand why
People slaugther each other
All in the name of God?
Why they explode in asinity?
If you can explain that to me, I admit
You are such a good man
For I am equipped with intellect
And intellect is what they don't want

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