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Into the black depths of the ocean
Where light doesn’t shine anymore
Lives a mysterious creature
Made of fangs and long tentacles
It growls
It swims
It swallows
A shadow
A form
An island
Let’s release the Kraken
Release the Kraken!
For centuries Humans tried to catch it
But gave their lives to the abyss
Some endless battles through cold and waves,
The beast of the Beast always wins
It fights
It kills
It follows
A corpse
A rock
A monster
Let’s release the Kraken
Beware boys, Beware girls!
Before you brave the waters
Travellers, buccaneers,
Octopus can be near
Creature of Hades
Sent to Earth to punish,
Men and their insolence
From this day you’ll live in fear
Let’s release the Kraken
Release the Kraken
Release the Kraken

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