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(We want to live)
What the hell is happening here ?
(We got to survive)
All these people
(We want to live)
waving like angry beasts,
(We got to survive)
Animals !
Screaming ! They don’t talk anymore !
Running ! No disciple at all !
Insulting ! They have no more respect !
Hitting ! The survival instinct !
(We want to live)
No more gas in the tank
(We got to survive)
Only one way
(We want to live)
To cross the border-line :
(We got to survive)
Running, walking, crowling
Shotguns ! I can’t believe my eyes !
Smoke bomb ! Copters in the sky !
Sirens ! Here reigns the confusion !
Nightsticks ! To quell the rebelion !
If I stay into this mess,
I may pass away
Be swalloed in the quicksands,
never see another day
Run, like you never did before
Run, for what you are looking for
Run and never come back no more,
no more
Run, become invisible
Run, forget all your principles
Run, as if you were criminal
Run, lighter than the air
Run, you have to start all over again
Run, delivers you from your chains
Run, ‘cause your life depends on it,
Run, as if you could break the game,
Run, there is no other way
To become another man

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Human Collapse

Los Disidentes Del Sucio Motel texty

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