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We were the flies trapped in your web,
and the pawns of your game.
We've grown with no repercussions,
and we shift at the tides of man.

This never ending cycle of regression,
we forever sit a the mercy of our makers hands.
You'll never be given a chance.
Can you tell me the last time that you felt that you were in control?
The drugs and manipulation have torn us apart,
this one spectacle of happiness has become a nightmare of my own.

Is this the judgment for what Ive done?
I cannot do this on my own.

At times i feel that its best to run,
but Ive come to atone and make do with what you've done.
So many chances have been given to you,
sometimes home is where the fighting is.

Stay out of my face.
You mean nothing to me.
Take what you have and call it your fate.

I will not conform with what you have done to me.
I have crushed and destroyed all you have thrown at me.

Don't come back,
there's nothing here for you.
You've broken up this home we lived a life in fear.
Don't come back."

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