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Cerebral Cortex - text


You're handed a choice but as prediction, you will fall again.

We are the unspoken element the keepers of time and space.

The very fabric of your mind and hope of faith.
When confronted with the end, will you stand still?
The time is now, throw heart aside its time to take control.
Start by weeding out the fake.

Destroy the ones who plan to leach and betray.
Destroy the ones who plan to leach and betray.

It's a damn shame that people need to go to this extent,
Only to gain an inch in this life long reality check.

Open your eyes and see what you've been missing out on,
They have been force feeding all their lies.
When you decide to come and take my side,
I'll be waiting for you.

I've come from nothing,
Rebuilt to something.
Yet you try to come and smother me out.
This was my chance to sadly inform you.
But the thought must have slipped as my thumbs pushed through your eyes.
I know the end.

Dear God I've tried.
I've tried everything i thought i could.
And it feels its just never enough,
I'm just trying to make you proud.

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