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Accumulatory Genophage - text


Who are they to decide and control the system
Prepare yourselves
Endless struggles and reoccurring haunting memories
We now know you've been lying through your crooked teeth
And now you will pay at the cost of your precious blood

Oh my god it baffles me of just how blind you all must be
Kept inside
In this false reality
We are rotting within
In this false reality
This generation is rotting to the core

I can't stand the sight of anyone
And all I want is for the world to know
Everything is dead to me
Backstabbing deeds done by those who care
All of you are meat and nothing more
Empty hollow shells your heirs to fail you're done
Heirs to fail

We are now forgotten, abandoned, cast aside and alone
All because of your greed we're standing alone
It's a damn shame this is how you must learn
Remove the veil of lies this is where you will go

We have seen the sign that lighten up our sky
The facts are in the facts there's no denying we're the weakest form of life
It's a damn shame this is how you must learn
Remove the veil of deceit, this is all you must learn

So tell me what have you held dear
So say goodbye to your father, your mother, your sisters and your brothers

I have come to destroy all sense of life

Capital Punishment
You're dead to me

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