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Programmed to serve, and clean up our grime
His pistons are weary, and thoughts turned to crime
Bypass the circuit, he's setting the trap
Dropping the dustpan, his mind has gone snap

In his laser eye, no one could dispute
For him, forgiveness does not compute
From his Tesla coil, in his metal breath
Filled with two hundred gigabytes of death

No! The robot's revenge
Oh no! Oh no!, the robot's revenge
Yeah, the robot's revenge
Look out!, it's the robot's revenge

Electrical pulse, titanium frame
He knows of no mercy, he knows of no pain
Plutonium core, hot-wired to kill
He'll stack up the bodies till he has his fill

Those servos will flash, parts made in Japan
The death and destruction is part of his plan
For hundreds of miles, they're hearing the sound
Tonight all the cities will burn to the ground

Look out! Look out!
The robot's revenge
Oh no no no, no no
The robot's revenge

Metal arms of death
The robot's revenge
He's gonna get you now
The robot's revenge

Oh no! Look out!
The robot's revenge
Oh no no no no
The robot's revenge
The robot's revenge
Plutonium core! Plutonium core!

The robot's revenge

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