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All alone in the darkness
They left you for dead
A howl cuts through the midnight air
chasing you; they smell the trail you've bled

the insatiable hunger
to stay alive
your only hope is the feeling of fear
wounded, hunted, fighting to survive

(keep running, keep running) You've got to try
but you're fighting to breathe
you've got the vengeance on your side

(keep running, keep running) you were left to die
you hear the call of the wolf
pulse is racing, pack is chasing you

covered in battle scars
run away, run away

redemption lies afar, it's a
full moon; a fight or flight
take your chances running from the night

In the serpentine forest
stranded and bare
hell bent to escape alive
fate has destined you alone were spared

in the mind of the monsters
you're gonna die
a last chance to escape your fate
take the jump and death you will deny

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