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Break rank as you hear the tank crushing what was left of braver souls
Cover fire over barbed wire trying to escape the last patrol
You’ll never make it out alive
Pray to your god and hope that you survive

Feel your heart sinking deeper
See the ghost of the reaper
In the corner of your eye
In the death that surrounds you
Will your courage remain true?
You killed to live – now kill to die!

Iron blood surging like a flood, you feel your body gasp for breath
Panic flight through the darkened night trying to escape the blitzing death
Reverently whisper your goodbye
You killed to live, now kill to die!

Feel the blast from the shell shock
Shake the earth to the bedrock
Shrapnel blasts into the sky
As your blood soaks the concrete
Never admitting defeat
You killed to live – now kill to die!

Killing to live – killing to die – see the light fade from their eyes
As the light fade from your eyes!

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