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Hypnotized by the eyes
of the serpent’s endless stare
to the temple of set
to the snake’s eternal lair

Feel the venom and fire
as you begin to lose your mind
constricting your thoughts
you will leave your will behind

Tearing out your heart
entombed for an eternity
you must pay your debt
to the followers of set

A shadow in the dark
as you slither through the night
you feel the fear in your prey
as you ready for the bite

Another soul to place
on the altar made of gold
losing your regret
as your blood is turning cold

feel the sharpened fang
piercing through your memory
a gift you can’t forget
from the followers of set

sinister forked tongue
hisses secrets in your ear
lost in a trance
and your past will disappear

the rituals commence
as you shed your wretched skin
the poison enters your veins
the metamorphosis begins

mummify your corpse
chained to this immortal tomb
died to pay your debt
to the followers of set

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