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A drive through the mist
down a lonely trail
a shortcut, a mistake, lost
across the veil
From out of the fog
Came the demon wail
A town up ahead, the forest you fled
will daylight ever prevail?
Run! Towards the light! They can smell your...
Blood! Through the night! And the mist keeps growing...
They are evil, take your flight
from the mists that curse the night
find a shelter, dodge their sight
there are shadows all around
Numbers growing, from the mist
Tell yourself they don’t exist
Feel the cold grip on your wrist
in the foggy harbor town
You dash through the streets
and search for an open door
a flash and the street is alight
and the thunder roars
A second of light
confirming your greatest fear
a moment to flee, but up from the sea
the terror is already here
(prechorus, chorus)
You can try to close your eyes
still the evil will arise
You’ll lose your mind
make their way up from the shore
feel them scratching at the door
you’re out of time

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