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Had to save ‘em or they’d end up dead
instead I wake up in a hospital bed
I feel the pain
left from the fire
My face in bandages, skin feels tight
I got a feeling that something ain’t right
Hold back the scream
A stranger in the mirror
You gotta fight
Stay outta sight
Don’t you know that you’re a wanted man?
You gotta live
you can’t forgive
All you can give
Is a promise that you’ll find him as fast as you can
Under the knife
A soul against the technology
Fight for your life
You’ve got the face of the enemy
I know the face staring back at me
wanted for murder in the first degree
I hear the boots
walking down the hall
make my escape and the hunt begins
there’s out to find me; I’m out to find him
no alibi
it’s do or die
Under the knife
More than mistaken identity
Fight for your life
You’ve got the face of the enemy

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