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Would You Take Me - text


When the sunset gets old
And the sky's burning red
Predicting the bloodshed

She's walking the streets
Hunting a man before
The devil will find him

When the darkness kills the light
And you're closer than ever before
There's no need for words right now
When the only thing I want to know

Would... you take me as I am
Nude, indefense
With no past no future
Exiled from this world
Touch me and feel
I'm burning inside
I'll show you what's real love

No one can see
Behind the mask of a lie
Is the queen of the wildness
She's dying to fool
The face of the death
Thru the sins of the flesh

When the only thing I can hear
Is the desperate beat of your heart
And the only thing I fear is
Not having you forever as mine



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