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The Art of Illusions Part III: The Wasteland - text


What am I doing here...
Surrounded by thousands of cries and tormented souls
Someone will have to roam
A road to a different darkness
I never saw

Feels like I wither and fall
I know there's no one or nothing to
Hold on to
These are the Ghosts of men...
Who once failed and never learnt
The place where the sinners go
Please someone wake me!

Wasteland... where all you've ever had is gone
Strangers abandoned so far from home
Silence... Forget anyone you love
See now you're stranded forever lost

Now that we all have sinned
I don't understand why you stare at me... who are you!?
I wonder you still have the power...
For one more trick
Please someone wake me!

Please someone wake me!

Ghost of you
Show me the way to be free
Lost in time
Cold is the heart in the black of the night
Silent cry
You come to haunt me at night
Ghost of you
Look up to you at the end of my time

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