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Out of the Dark - text


It was late at night when it hit my heart
And for the first time I just knew
You're not coming back

Wish I had you here... by my side
And for a last one kiss I'd give all I ever had

You, you were the only place where
I could rest my soul apart
But now, in the darkest night
There's no home for me anymore

Now it's raining in the night
Those were the tears from my eyes
I couldn't take away the pain
No matter how hard I tried
You waited for me in the darkness
Calling out my name
I'm finally here and you slip away
To be free

Came back where I was born
Just to realise
How bad I'll miss the love
I'll never knew in my life

I had no nightmares when
You embraced me with your arms at night
But now in this darkest night
My desperate cry is a prayer for you



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