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Digital Lies - text


Utopian dream or so they say
The world has changed
Tomorrow is today
Our lives enriched, enhanced
Nature obsolete
Fibre optic data stream
The only path we seek

Strapped down, alone, the table cold
I fear my fate
Around me tools and cables coiled
My forced “upgrade”
Stripped of my will and freedom sold
Skin ripped away
Augmented flesh and bone
Now taking shape

So come follow me
I’ll show you eternity
We’ll reach for the morning sky
Tomorrow is yours and mine
So come follow me
And live out your wildest dreams
A digital life arrived
A cybernetic future world, it’s time

Dystopian life is here to stay
Pushed too far ahead
Mankind lost their way
Our lives betrayed, replaced
Humanity obsolete
Crying tears of ohs and ones
And artificial screams

Cold steel and laser beams
Dismember limb from limb
My captors work and smile
With mirthless, heartless grins
A child of Frankenstein
Not man and not machine
Scheming sweet revenge
The likes before unseen




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Digital Lies

Lord texty

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