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Behind the Mask - text


Now night time is falling and I sit here alone
With the sound of the waves and the setting sun
Walking the long mile from the sand to the sea
A personal journey of childhood dreams

A lonely road
So much more left to see
Hoping one day that this road leads to me...

I walk alone on the beach in the night
Feel the wind that whispers memories
Sometimes it feels like you're not in control
Of your life, but you live each day like nothing's wrong...

So what can you do
When your dreams all come true
The future's bright, but you're dying inside...

Behind the mask is where you'll find the real me
It's true for every one of us
Behind the mask you'll find me crying in the night
Shut out the world, I close my eyes...

Living the lie - it's so easy to do
Only to find one day a truth I always knew
Breaking away from uncertainty's sweet embrace
I wipe the sand now from my eyes...

In a blinking eye
Ten years pass us by
And all we're left is wasted time...

Facing my demons here alone
Down on my knees I shed my skin...

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