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On a narrow path draped in briar and thorns
Dusk gently embraced the forest
Cursing my presence among the trees
In the night Leshy hid my tracks
The road ahead is hidden from sight
The trail behind concealed
I’m not ashamed to cry out
When fear grips my soul with it’s claws
I’ll light a fire near the pines
A faint circle of light
It’ll warm my hands and my heart
It will keep away hungry beasts
Leshy, the Keeper of Gold Amber
Why do you tangle my path?
Why did it displease you so
When I entered into your abode?
Leshy, I beg you, I bow to your might
I pledge to honour your laws
I shan’t hurt your children nor your land
With fire, with steel or bad will
A lonely owl shrieked in the dark
A wolf cried out my name
I’ll follow the voice of the night
It’s Leshy showing me the way

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The Forest Is My Kingdom

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