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Sign of Osiris Slain - text

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We are a legion, have brought you down, forever
Salt and burning sulphur will cover your land
War is our religion, our destiny to conquer
We dream about the heat and endless sand
You have been the guiding light,
the rhythm of the river,
a keeper of the beat in the hearts of the brave
All light has been extinguished now,
your armour stripped and ruined
Within an empire fallen,
a ritual grave
Everywhere you look these days,
You see more death and fear
Faceless soldiers marching in despair
Following the ancient way
the rhythm lord was taken
and torn in five directions, flesh laid bare
See his lonely trip through time
See him chained to crippling fear
And though the world now must be blind:
The Judgment day is drawing near!

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Signs of Osiris


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