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Troubled nights I’d lie awake sometimes, I found no solace in these confines of mine
These cold days will soon fade away in to a new age in spring, I hope you find the light in these times
Darkness is this world before my eyes, a grey portrait of a thousand deaths a dimming light
Burnt to ashes but a amidst the carnage I see a flicker of light in the waste
And I can see the end and I cannot reach it
(is there something I don’t know)
Was hope a lie?
(Will I ever know the answer?)
I see the sunrise as I raise up from the lies
What’s to show for all of these tormented years I am lost in a consuming fear
What is left, what have we done?
The wind will take me home if I had the choice I would give my life again
Death will see me gone and here I lie sadly singing lullabies at the end
Tried as I might I could not put things right and regret would see me writhing in pain
And as this snow falls down this fire burns out, I leave you with not but a memory
Promise as I leave you all behind
(that you will breathe free again)
My last request as I leave this world my friend
I see my last sunrise and I know this is my last goodbye keep the fire burning bright in The darkness of time
And I know you will forever fight for the only thing I’ve ever known
I am a ghost, I haunt the land, revenge is mine, I returned to see them die, the reddened Land will cherish the blood of the slain
I’ll remain here forever, remember my name
I see the sunrise, I feel it in my heart I can hear your cry in this everlasting night
Is this our glimpse of truth as the sun turns away?
The wind will take us home if I had the choice I’d live it once again, death has no control, Still here we stand sadly singing lullabies ’til the end

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In Forgotten Sleep


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