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In shivering pain, I closed my eyes
Deep in darkness, I fell through the sky
Lost in thought and lost in time
I felt the fire ignite deep within and I cried for life to begin
And here I find wretched suffering
The wrath of kings and greed unending
And I feel the chance for redemption is over and I know now why I am here and I try to Forget my fear, forget my fear, forget my fear
Forget my fear
I’ll try to forget my fear
And the home I left is gone with the wind, but the new sun shines the way ahead
For he’s overcome with lies of this earth? (regrets his life, regrets his light)
And leads us to overcome the worst (look toward the light, the end’s in sight)
Sundown somehow killed all those dreams, hell and it’s fire consoling it seems
As I recount the sad memory, run out through the darkness climb out of the pit
And declare before death that this isn’t it, the sun will remember our names
After all everything I have seen I cannot explain why the darkness remains, hope’s now gone as we wake from this sleep, remember this song, remember this dream
I still see, and I still believe, and I remember why, I would give my life
In sad serenity I opened my eyes, and I recall the song, as I look toward the sky

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In Forgotten Sleep


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