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Now this is definitely one of those days
When everything goes your way
It’s okay you’re in love four leaf clovers all over your lawn
And looptroop rockers is in town to perform
Too many worries try to get you off balance
Get your shades on walk by
Don’t look at ‘em it’s not just any day it’s this precise moment
Take a deep breath and fly forward
You know that feeling of united shoes
Forget your Monday blues it’s today
Who knows what happens tomorrow
Well who cares cos y’all know…

Any day now
Sh-pow move from the gate now
The burning flame I’ll never fade out
Looptroop crew I tell you straight up

On any given day give or take
Maybe just a little break im in another city
That I gotta rip to shreds
A million other kiddies that I gotta put to bed
Good night wake up and smell the bad breath of reality
Happens when you least expect it
If you living in the past tense the future is now
Surrender to the new breed of degenerate lowlifes
Taking over full speed local regional national global and international
it’s a universal law the young get rid of the old
And the looptroop rockers always got the fattest show
Come on I didn’t mean to brag I got carried away
I bland the way the beat from the cabinet play
And I know you cant wait but cool
now it’s just a matter of days

Any day now
Sh-pow move from the gate now
The burning flame I’ll never fade out
Looptroop crew I tell you straight up

Could’ve been one of those days
I’m watching how crime pays
So disillusioned I cant fight it anyways
When david is scared of goliath Daniel dies
in the den of lions when evil celebrates another triumph
full of nothing but anger up to no good
I need to ventilate this isn’t me
wish I could shake it off boy
It could’ve been worse that’s my mottow
I’m a bigger person spit out a curse
They wont win me over that easy
I’m not giving in today
Is what we make, make it count
‘Cus im confident time’s up my friend
I got love in my life that makes me stronger
That you ever have been and my team is too stubborn
I know it hurts we never leave the scene
Keep mean mugging I make up for you snickers
Who aint makin no sense
This is not a verse this is revenge

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