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(Watch out, watch out!)

It's Conner!

I've got it all, and I'm gettin' more
But I never fall, beat 'em all
(cause you know) I'm so humble

I'm so humble, I'm so humble, I'm so humble
So humble...

I'm a superstar, I kick down the door
Got the money and the girls
And I'm also so humble

I'm so humble!
So humble...I'm so humble!

Bar none, I am the most humble-est
Number one at the top of the humble list
My apple crumble is by far the most crumble-est
But I act like it taste bad outta humbleness

The thing about me that's so impressive
is how infrequently I mention all of my successes
I poo-poo it when girls say that I should model
My belly's full from all the pride I swallow

I'm the most courteous-bittable, hospitable
Reverential, normal-ary Arnold Schwarzen-orgarary
I hate compliments put 'em in the mortuary
I'm so ordinary that it's really quite extraordinary

It's not a competition but I'm winnin'
You won't hear me admit it
Because I'm so timid and submissive
I treat fat people like they were thin
Talk simple for the dumbos
I'm so humble

I'm not your normal definition of a rock star
I don't complain when my private jet is subpar
Ya mom's old, but I'll ask if she's your sister
People say I'm charming, bu- but I beg to differ

I feel more humble than Dikembe Mutombo
After a stumble left him covered in a big pot 'o gumbo
I guess in a way, bein' gracious is my weakness
People say I'm so unpretentious for a genius

I've got it all, and I'm gettin' more
But I never fall, beat 'em all
(cause you know) I'm so humble

I say that with no ego!
It's just good manners!

Oohhh...I'm so humble

They say I'm a ten, but I'm an eight at best
"Plus two," says you
Not me, cause I'm so humble

My mama raised me right!

So humble...I'm so humble

(Watch out, watch out!)

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