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I havent slept in weeks; not one single wink
Every moments like an eternity
Clocks, louder every chime; speaks to me in rhyme
Tell me, is it time to let my feelings go?

Black all over
Black all over
Life is nothing but a dream to me
Black all over
Black all over
Tragedy my reality

Ive lost touch with my thoughts; twisting my life pulls
Pushing me farther away
Locked in I cant get out; free to run about
Tell me, is it time to let my feelings go?


Do you beleive you can be the one, be the one
Shining brightly underneath a dark deadened sun?

All we are
Are single numbers
Its time to count
The single numbers

My time has come and gone; run, everybody run
This game is over and Im done; run, everybody run
My time has come, its time...
Everybody run


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