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Mary -Figment of the World- (English Vocal Co.. - text


"Hey Papa" said with a trembling voice.
Listen to my wishes.
Please, can you hear me?


I remember when you would caress my head with those warm, gentle hands of yours.
Where have they gone?
Where is it that you’ve run away to?

My hair and my clothes,
are two things that I loathe.
It’s enough to make me wanna tear them up into shreds.
Those faulty tears that never came, would never be
because that man who made me never thought to draw a damn one

As time fogs my memory, I wonder why I was born in such hideous, lonely place.

I’ll tear it apart.

In this world devoid of color,
I close off my fragile heart.
I’ll leave everything behind,
and begin life back from the start.

That flower that you possess,
what is the color that is wears?
I’ll be waiting for you in this room, erased of all my fears.

Tell me, Ib… why
am I in a place like this?
How did we end up being so lost and all alone?

In fear and trembling near,
you used to grab your hands right onto mine. but now you don’t.
Please tell me why,
Please tell me why you run from me?

My own body and soul
and all the pain that it holds.
They aren’t real,
but why should that matter?
I am standing here right now, aren’t I?
Knowing nothing about why the hell I’m here,
but know I exist

In this world devoid of color,
where I first crossed paths with you.
Had the palette knife I claimed that went to slit my heart in two.
That flower that you possess,
what are the burdens that it bears?
In a room with no escape I will await you, don’t despair.

Opening my eyes and gazing at a painting before me
Something drips down from my eye, that makes it hard for me to see.
"Ah, so these are tears" I say and realize
That these tears that shed
come from deep within my heart, memento moris dyed in red

“Thank you” is what I’d say if you were here with me.
I neither got the chance, for an apology.

Despite all that I’ve done, please do not forget me
Can you please grant my one wish, and hold my old rose dear...


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