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Jeremiah George ft. Lollia - The Burdened Spi.. - text


Ancient rites of our home kept us from dreaming.
Stagnant and stale.
But I was wrong, misguided.

Lucid semblance, a dream that never came to light.
Conscious penance.
Trade my sins for this blight.

Sovereign rule of the mind.
I’m an abomination, trapped in this cage of condemnation.

My child, stand tall…!
Darkness shall never take you!
Kindle the light inside.
You're just a docile spirit.

Fear of losing myself, stopped me from feeling guilty with sin.
But I lost myself in greed.

This corruption has left me starved for time.
Sheer destruction, of creation sublime.

Retribution! Justice falls upon fate.
If I had absolution of all my crimes, I’d be in disillusion..

My child, stand tall...!
Darkness shall never take you!
Kindle the light inside!
You're just a docile spirit.

My love, don't fright...!
I never meant for this ending.
I wanted what’s best for us.
I’m just a burdened spirit.

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