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Imy ft. Lollia -tsukishigure- (Lunar Drizzle).. - text


I’m caught in the rain, that stops not.
I close my umbrella, my shadow stands alone.

Carry me away, to a far off land.
A world with neither sorrow,
nor solitude to be found.

The you who blessed upon my life,
a wealth of sweet smiles,
is neither in sight nor sound now.

Our memories of that day and,
the feel of your skin on mine is,
going to break down.

The warmth of your hand as well as,
your sweet smiling face seem on the,
verge of fading soon.

I stretch my hands out towards,
the shining moon in the sky.
Though I should be able to see,
I can’t quite seem to reach.

After the rainstorm, there along the road.
The shadows of our steps, are melting into one.

Carry me away, to a far off land.
A world with neither heartache,
Nor loneliness to be found.

The image of you turning back,
as you said good bye,
has been burnt into my eyes.

That beautiful sight we saw and,
the edges of your face are growing,
ever misty still.

The words spoken on that day and,
your warmth and light seem as if they'll,
disappear soon.

If I try stretching my hands,
out to the twinkling stars.
I should have been able to see,
and even so, I reached.

If I were to turn back time to,
That day and hold you close,
would things have changed at all?

Hidden in my held back tears are,
All the things I wanted for us,
won’t you answer me?

I stretched my hands out secretly,
towards the shining moon.
Who’s always been watching over me,
they should get through somehow.

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