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Asgore (Orchestral Arrange) - text


Come now, child
Don’t give me that frown
It's no use
I won't be talked down
Your determination
Is strong
Now fight! Stand your ground!

My desire
For mankind’s demise
Filled them with
The strength to survive
The hopes and dreams
My kin would fulfill
Were inspired by lies

I’m just a
Broken shell of what I was
A coward hiding from the truth

The voices in my head
Tell me “run away!”
But I must lead my kin
Lest, they go astray

I cannot even look you in the eyes
But you realize
That this is fate
There is no turning back
But even still
I dither to attack
The whole kingdom’s
pinned their hopes and dreams
On me

Am I a sage or a murderer?
Tainted with the souls of your kind.
Human, don’t give up. The time is now.
Your determination will set you free...

This is the end
Will you fight or defend
Could I still make amends
Do I deserve to be called
The king of the mountain
The grand spear of justice
The savior of monsters

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Video přidala lumik111

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