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[Frank Sinatra]
When I was 21
It was a very good year
It was a very good year
For city girls
Who lived up the stair
With all that perfumed hair
And it came undone
When I was 21

It was all a dream just a year ago
Bussin' tables and servin' food but y'all don't hear it though
Now I'm on another level but y'all aren't near it though
My soul bleedin' on the track, so spiritual
It's a blessing cause now rappin' is my profession yo
Set to detonate, I'm just waitin' for my time to blow
White boy at first glance but when I rhyme they know
Race don't mean a fucking thing the second that I flow
It's been a year and everything I said would happened has
While everybody that I know is out havin' a blast
I was right here in the studio bustin' my ass
It's been a year, I'm 21 but I feel (35)
And now I got this
I taste the blood, no one can stop this
Second I drop this, die hard fans is finna cop this
While the rest of the world follows through fiber optics
I took my time, see I studied the game, learned how to rhyme
I was around drugs and gats, but never delved in crime
Had other things in mind, so I began to grind
First tape was a success
Locally, I got press
But I knew this one right here would run the world a mess, but I digress
A year ago, I was a youngin in his room
Staring out the window, lookin' at the moon, knowing it's coming soon
But today I board this rocket ship and sonic boom
Cause I am no longer a seed, homie, it's time to bloom

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Young Sinatra

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