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[Verse 1]
Going so you know I'm trying to get it
Eyes on the prize like I really want to hit it
Mind on my money, money on mind like a fitted
Give me the mic and you know Imma spit it
This is hot you call me Logic rising to the top just watch it
Now I'm in the rap game but this still the same
Got to grind, bring fame to my name
Wake up go to work come home write
I'd rather be rapping on stage every night
Perfecting that craft and getting it right
Solo? No I think that's tight
I've been waiting in line at the D.M.V
But now it's time that you've heard of me
Cutting lines they want to murder me
Cause I'm rising to the top quickly
I'm so ill they sick of me
Said I'm so ill they sick of me
My etiquette sick, predicate sick
So infectious I make medicine sick
I got it on lock, will never stop
Got y'all addicted like Rick is to rock
I'm ready to bang, doing my thing
Y'all Tyrone Biggums, my music the cane
Taking over the game
With each and every set
Your career is in jeopardy and I'm Alex Trebek
I'll drop a track that'll murder your whole camp for fun
I'm young Elroy, fly like a jet, son


[Verse 2]
Live with the mic I grip it
Man I dare you to try to come pick it
Always on point so you never gon' get it
Got rhymes for days the flow infinite
I, kill the club when I'm in it
Rocking the game I am cemented
I produce the real, they counterfeit it
Setting it off like Jada Pinkett
Yeah my, lyrics is hot but the flow hydrate you like liquid
If y'all hands in the vault I'll flip it
Y'all gon' need jars in the game, never sip it
Got it on lock when I walk with you shippin'
Yeah I got shoes to fill but I can fit 'em
Call me the master sergeant I drill'em (drill'em)
Full Metal Jacket I kill'em (kill'em)
I'm secured like A.D.T
Y'all distracted like A.D.D
Y'all ain't touching my self esteem I hold keys like Mediene
Young thriller I'mma beat'em
Haters know I don't need'em
Cause Logic get nasty, on my Jeffrey Dahmer I eat 'em
Go back and check a second time
Be sure and frisk it
So many hot lines encrypted you probably just missed it
I flow narcissistic and keep a mirror in your booth
Even I can't believe I'm saying this shit I needed proof

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Psychological - Logic: The Mixtape

Logic texty

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