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Catharsis Through Ungodly Annihilation - text

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Concealed amongst the drama curtains, abominated prophet of an ungodly grace. Prepare to baptize into eternal sufferance, for the time of ferocious despoilment is near. Cast down from iridescent skies, like an ever-flowing stream of despair, the archangel of tribulation falls to manipulate with false words of wisdom. A glimpse of perpetual misery, ingesting the unholy teachings of a distorted vision. Impure I am when I desecrate with dementia and I reach the convulsive atonement of abomination. Dethrone with scorn the unholy messiah, swallow the decaying teachings of a corrupted wisdom and reach the catharsis through ungodly annihilation. Descending to the decayed tragedy of perpetual disgust.

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